Beyond94Feet.com has been developed by Premier Coaching Software, LLC (PCS); a technology company founded by basketball coaches. Beyond94Feet.com is a web-based software application that offers a simple, comprehensive, complete and extensive drill library with supporting videos to help create effective, successful practice plans.

With Division I & II College basketball playing experience, Division II, high school, middle school and youth coaching experience, the founders of PCS bring more then 20 years of coaching experience to help basketball coaches plan efficient and productive practices.

After surveying more then two thousand basketball coaches, we have concluded that coaches are spending more then one hour a day planning for each practice. With an ever expanding drill library and the ability to create custom drills, you will be able substantially cut down the amount of time needed to create your daily practice plan and all together eliminate the need to search through binders and notepads, web-sites and YouTube© for drills to use.